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A family business with attention to detail

Renew Power started off the back of Paul Coates' passion for all things renewable. Being an electrician for the past 36 years and in the solar industry for the past 20 he has passed on his passion for all things renewable to not only his own children who now also work for him but to plenty of other generations. With the vision of the world becoming a greener place and the dream of 100% renewable energy Paul Coates is paving the way locally which we can only hope will have a ripple effect on the world.

"changing the world one panel at a time"

In Australia, we are no stranger to the ever-changing state of the climate. with droughts becoming more frequent and severe, fire seasons starting earlier, less average rainfall across the country and major weather extremes ravaging the country; climate change is hard to ignore. As Global Citizens, it's up to us to to do our part in reducing our carbon footprint and Solar is the perfect place to start.

being a stickler for detail Paul has passed this trait onto all members of Renew Power. When you choose this local business you're choosing people who are passionate about what they do, quality craftsmanship along with quality materials all with longterm warranties and peace of mind knowing all work will be completed to the highest standard with ongoing aftercare support.

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