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What size system should I install?

Your electricity usage is the most important factor in determining what size system you should install, but it depends on a number of other things too, including available roof space, budget, and grid regulations. We break them down for you.

Breaking down the process simply

There are a few factors that will determine what size solar PV system is best for your needs as solar isn't just one size fits all. We can design a system for your needs now and also for into the future if you decide to future proof your system for things such as Electric Vehicle Charging.

At the time of a site visit, the types of things that begin to determine the size of the system that works best for your needs are how you use your power, whether it's during day or night and what types of large loads your power is pulling; if that's from things such as a hot water system, a pool or heating and cooling etc... this will determine whether a battery is viable now or into the future. roof space and orientation is another potentially limiting factor for what size system we can install, we have ways around this with an alternative of a Ground Mount System where space is available. We'll always work closely with you to work out a system that operates best within your budget.

Another important thing we look at is the export limit on your system which is determined by the network provider eg. Essential Energy for NSW or EVO Energy for the ACT. At the time of site visit, we'll collect all the essential information to submit a Connection Application to your provider which will calculate the acceptable size and if any limits are set before we go ahead with work on site. These site visits are assessed by either myself or one of my other accredited electricians.

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