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We have been installing batteries for the last 10 years in both off-grid and residential applications.

Batteries storage complements solar generation during the day by storing excess power and supplying it at night during peak times. This allows homeowners to make use of their solar power, even with low daytime usage. All our batteries come with advanced monitoring to see exactly how you're producing, using and storing your energy.

We can provide battery solutions for existing solar installations or new installations with our wide range of products.  If you want to supply key loads during a blackout, ask about Emergency Power Supply (EPS). 


BYD manufacturs batteries for a range of applications including electric cars, buses and home battery storage. There batteries are reliable and robust. 

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LG CHEM is a division of LG founded in 1947. It is one of the largest manufacturers of batteries in the world. There batteries are compatible with a wide range of inverters. 

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2020 04 07 - EVO Prime3 Cabinet with Bla

EVO manufatures a premium complete system of battery and inverter that allows whole house backup on single or three-phase supplies.

  • DC Power is created from your solar panels and converted to usable AC electricity. 

  • That power is used in your home first, with any extra energy being sent to the battery. Once the battery is fully charged, excess energy will be exported to the grid and receive the standard feed-in-tariff.

  • During peak load times you can draw this energy from your battery.

  • If there is a blackout, the battery will supply power to your household, keeping lights and critical components working. Ask about Emergency Power Supply for this function. 

If you are considering the installation of a battery storage system, but are not ready yet, you can install a hybrid inverter such as SolarEdge, which allows you to install the battery later on. If you're purchasing a hybrid inverter make sure you understand what batteries that inverter is compatible with, if it has Emergency Power Supply and if any other equipment is required later.

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