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Should I invest in a battery?

batteries are no longer just for the extreme Off-Grid systems, many residential small scale systems are tuning to battery power to offset their nighttime power consumption.


Why do we need batteries anyway?

In a normal solar household, all solar energy is produced during daylight hours. The problem is that many households are empty during the day, with kids heading to school, and parents to work. So, most of the energy you produce is sold to the grid for a feed in tariff although this itself is not a certainty as these tariffs are constantly changing and may not be available in the future.

A battery is a perfect way to store unused energy during the day. Today's batteries are highly reliable and extremely safe, the Batteries we use have a 10 Year Warranty and expected life of up to 20 Years for both grid-connected and Off-Grid systems.

essentially you can have a system that will help with self-sufficiency for yourself and your family. With a grid-connected battery, you can offset peak power to maximise your self-consumption and minimise your bill, you'll only need enough storage to get through the peak tariff times when power prices are at their highest.

if sized correctly batteries can also allow as a backup function during blackouts saving you from the uncertainty of when the power will come back on.

we only deal and source batteries from the quality and reputable suppliers with proven advanced technology.

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